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My personal response to No Guarantee
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I would recommend that you read The Uncontrollable Flame because

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A review of The Uncontrollable Flame

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  1. Darcy says:

    I would recommend you read ‘No Guarantee’ because it shows how one can maintain sexual purity even in a decadent society such as ours.

  2. Petra says:

    Please note that your responses will be posted after the closing date of the competion on October 15. This is to encourage independent feedback.

  3. Sonia Burgess says:

    Nothing in life is guaranteed, but faith.
    This book captured my attention from the beginning to end. Things I thought a person would do or not do for love amazed me to the fullest. It showed me events that led to long lasting relationship accidental or not. As for Darcy she was not interested in a relationship or even marriage. She was not afraid of being in one , she just respected it. Then when Jared was refused by her ,he took it hard,he refused to accept no. After all it was for he joined the church so now how could she refuse him? What I loved about the book is that even when we try to avoid a situation, God places a “savior” to rescue us. I think it was Gods will for Darcy to bump into Mario even though at first she denied it. Little did she know that God is a man with a plan. After bumping into Mario, she used him (Mario) as a scapegoat to avoid Jared. She thought this fake relationship with Mario would end before it began because he was just visiting the island.
    No guarantee is a beautiful love story. Though entertaining no guarantee speaks of strong morals and spiritual values. Most of all its a book of faith in God. It is a book one should read for relationship values and advise. Darcy’s and Mario’s characters shows us what to look for and not look for in a relationship.Darcy, Mario, Jared, Shannon and others brought No Guarantee to life. I love love this book.

  4. Donnica Harry-Waddell says:

    Category 2
    I would recommend that you read ‘No Guarantee’ because it has some vital life lessons.Firstly,it is important to note that when you wait on His..when you allow Him to dictate your life..He makes the right choice for you. Secondly, it teaches us not to judge others without having all the facts. People saw a divorcee…but was he at…so it’s important not to judge people beforehand…thirdly, not every man or woman for that matter, who comes into your space is marriage material..Hello.the book eludes to clues young people should look for when seeking out a partner. Fourth,the book demonstrates how to court someone and still practice self control. There were times of passion,but self control won everything. How beautiful was the sexual experience when God’s way was followed. Lastly, it teaches perseverance, not giving uo on something or someone you believe can make you happy. Times got rough, but the couple rode out the storms, their relationship grew sweeter and stronger. Reaf up young people..there is a lesson for you.

  5. Mary says:

    My Personal Response to the Novel “No Guarantee”

    As I react to this novel I think this is the first time I have devoured a book with such intensity. It was nail biting, exciting, and the suspense just kept me wanting to know what would happen next. Many of my chores suffered as a result of this novel and unregrettably so. It truly caught my undivided attention especially as I can identify with the protagonist Darcy.
    What impressed me most about the novel is the skilful way the author weaved in the important steps and values of good christian relationships, from the first meeting through courtship and to marriage, not sparing the reader the real emotions and temptations that attend the best couple and the struggle to overcome and do the right thing.
    The novel also presented the true, transparent and confidential relationship between friends as was displayed with Darcy and Shannon. Oh how healthy it is to have a loyal friend.
    The main characters were portrayed with such apt description that you could actually see or formulate a visual image as you read eg: the persistent young man Mario. What a character: a true model for young men to follow! He knew what he wanted and was determined to have her with divine consent.
    This succinctly written novel with impeccable grammar, tantalizing vocabulary and language expressions, in my view, is not only a love story but it’s essentially a teaching tool, educating the modern youth on how to conduct themselves in love relationships. There should be mutual respect on both sides. I strongly recommend that this novel reach as many young persons as possible. Can it be turned into a movie? Think about it.

  6. Beverly says:

    I would recommend that you read The Uncontrollable Flame because…

    It gives a clear definition of real life and love, challenges, hope and forgiveness, power of choice, trust, unconditional love. It points out that we too can be placed in trying circumstances, but our faith in Christ will navigate us through.
    A few things came out of this book that can transform us in a good way.
    *We must not give in to our emotions, we must allow God to lead our mind. Make principled and sometimes hard decisions, deny ourselves and our feelings, be willing to give up all for Christ. We must remain single eyed and faithful in the faith using whatever gift/s as a catalyst to keep us.
    Like Shannon, give heed also to the counsel that “if He (God) doesn’t protect you from it, He will perfect you through it” and “Don’t ever let anyone ever make you forget whose child you are, you are a child of Royalty, act the part regardless of what is happening around you”.
    Here is a woman, far different from her most trusted and stable best friend Darcy, yet her life reflects a strength and uniqueness that cannot be compared to another. Experiencing the power of true love that broke down the barriers of her most well-fortified heart. A heart strengthened by life’s hurt, pain, rejection, disappointment and fear, all gone, giving her a chance to trust in love – God and Phil’s love for her.
    We too, can open up, trust, hope again, not in ourselves, but in God.
    I truly recommend The Uncontrollable Flame if you want, need to love again or for the very first time. There is STILL HOPE.

  7. Jenna says:

    No Guarantee captured my attention from the descriptions of the locations of the events taking place at the very start of the book such as St. Jean, where my imagination took me to St. James, Trinidad. Having a pictorial view of Darcy and Mario and where they were located, allowed me to envision myself being there too, in their surroundings, watching this story unfold like a live show. The personality of Darcy, her involvement in the lives of young people and the feeling of Mario’s genuine attraction and love towards her captured my attention and left me with an exciting craving to see how this love story will unfold. One thing about this book is that it allowed me to imagine real life persons to the characters in this story based on the description of their persona. No Guarantee was exciting, intriguing, romantic, empowering, uplifting and so much more. From Darcy and Shannon’s friendship to Mario and Phil’s relationship to the impact they all had on the other characters in this book, made me want to read this book without stopping. Having read this book over two (2) times, it made me desire the answers to two questions which are (1) Does a man like Mario really exist and (2) Will I ever experience such genuine love as Mario and Darcy. This book will forever be one of the best top three books ever read and it continues to make my mind so ecstatic just thinking about this story from start to finish. This book has also given me hope that maybe one day, I will find my own ‘Mario’.

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