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The Trial of Mr. Tate Knowlogy © 2021

AY Leader/Coordinator:  PPR

Title/Topic: The Trial of Mr. Tate Knowlogy

Aim: To highlight the need for discretion and control in the utilization of technology in all its formats

 Brief Overview: Mr. Tate Knowlogy is placed on trial for instigating and facilitating the downfall of society through social ills such as murders, rapes, money laundering, human trafficking, pornography to name a few

 Text/Biblical Reference: Ecclesiastes 3:3 To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  Proverbs 25:28 Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control

Format: A virtual trial in a courtroom

Communication Channel: Zoom to YouTube


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The Defendant:  Mr. Tate Knowlogy is placed on trial for instigating and facilitating the downfall of society through social ills such as murders, rapes, money laundering, human trafficking, pornography to name a few

Defense Lawyer:  His contribution to society outweighs the fabrications.  He is being framed for other people's actions. (Advantages)

 Prosecuting Lawyer: Shows stats and data on how he has destroyed/facilitated the destruction. (Disadvantages)

Witnesses on either side: Combination of Parents, Students, Church Members, in turn, speak of how Mr. Tate Knowlogy affected them positively or negatively

Judge/Vesper: Calls on the juror to give his verdict

Juror/Verdict: Lose connectivity/internet drops/technical glitch when the main Juror says “We the jury find the defendant, Mr. Tate Knowlogy…”

Judge/Vesper: The judge wraps up the case, He recounts arguments and appeals to discretion in treating with Mr. Tate Knowlogy 

Technical Team: 

One Zoom Host (To monitor - video and audio of persons logged in on zoom - and spotlight.  The zoom host is not the AY Leader and should have technical knowledge)

One member of the AV Technical Team if going on youtube to ensure a smooth transition. Must have the technical knowledge to go from zoom to youtube


Appropriate Setting/Background

Appropriate Dress

Appropriate Music

Appropriate Language/Jargon


Rehearsal:  Yes ( / )   No (  )

 Evaluation Format: Online (Google Form)


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Petra Pierre – Robertson © 2021


Beyond the Veil © 2021

AY Leader/Coordinator:  PPR

 Title/Topic: Beyond the Veil

 Aim:  To highlight the intercessory role of Christ in our daily growth as Christians through an awareness of the OT Sanctuary Service

Brief Overview: Takes the audience through the ministrations in the Old Testament sanctuary service; both the daily and the day of atonement.

Text/Biblical Reference:  And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. (Exodus 25:8)

Format: A virtual Tour followed by a question-and-answer segment

Communication Channel: Zoom



The Sanctuary by O. R. L. Crosier                 

E G White Writings

Personnel:  Participants: 

Persons/Facilitators/Participants in the tour

Pastor or other SDA expert on the sanctuary service                  

Technical Team: Person to create the virtual tour

                             Zoom Host to share the video

Requirements:  Recording Devices

                            Video generating apps

                             YouTube channel (perhaps)

                            Appropriate Costumes/Dress

                            Appropriate Backgrounds

Rehearsal:  Yes ( / )   No (  )

Evaluation Format: Online Poll


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Petra Pierre – Robertson © 2021   

AY Programming Worsheet © 2021


AY Leader/Coordinator: ............................................
Title/Topic: ............................................
Aim: ............................................
Brief Overview: ............................................
Text/Biblical Reference: ............................................
Format: ............................................
Communication Channel: ............................................
Resources: ............................................


Personnel: Participants

                   Technical Team

Requirements: ............................................


Rehearsal: Yes ( ) No ( )
Evaluation Format: ............................................


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Petra Pierre – Robertson © 2006 Updated 2021


Single and Surviving © 2009

Mother is seen with apron, hair in curlers, pot in one hand, child holding on to leg, and her place is in a mess.  She is obviously frustrated.  Music is playing loudly by her teenage son.

Mother:  Jeff for the hundredth time turn the volume down!  Cecelia come and help me!  Shannon I’ve spoken to you countless times about coming into the kitchen while I am cooking.  You will get burnt! (She tries to pry the child away from her leg even as she is holding the pot, hot substance spills on the child and she screams in agony causing the mother to shout for the other daughter)  Cecelia Carter, I command you to come and help me this moment!  Take Shannon from the kitchen!

Cecelia who is about eleven years old, comes grudgingly into the kitchen and tries pulling away her screaming sister from her mother.  Her cell phone is in her hand even as she grabs her sister impatiently.

Shannon: (resisting) Let me go!  Let me go!

Cecelia:  Come here you naughty brat.  You are disturbing my conversation (she speaks into the phone)…..Daddy…can you call me back….something here needs my attention...And don’t forget what I told you.  I need it for Thursday… yes, call me back…Love you too daddy.

Mother spins around on hearing her

Mother: (in an accusing tone) You have been talking to your father all this time?  You didn’t tell me.  (soft and deadly)  Why didn’t you tell me?

Cecelia:  (offhanded) He told me not to tell you.

Mother: (deathly calm)  What do you mean he told you not to tell me?  (voice level rising) Who do you live with?  (angry) How dare he call you without my knowledge!

Cecelia: (almost rudely)  He is my father.  He bought me the phone mother, remember?  I may live with you but HE is the one who buys me whatever I need.

The young son who is thirteen walks into the room and hands his mother a letter.  She reads it before flinging it down and exclaiming.

Mother:  You know I have no money Jeff.  You cannot go, understand?  Tell your teacher that. The money I struggle to earn for you is for books, not field trips.

Jeff:  That is not fair. (pointing at Cecelia)  She gets everything she wants but I always have to do without.

Mother:  Life is not fair. (she reaches out patronizingly to touch him but he flinches and moves away from her as she says sadly)  I wish I could give you what you want.  Your father is not in contact with us, you know that.

Jeff:  (angry)  Yes mother you have told me that several times before.  (He looks at Cecelia as her phone rings and she says happily)  Hello…daddy…I didn’t expect you to call back so soon….(She moves away to speak to him privately.)

Jeff:  I’ve never seen my father mum, but she sees hers all the time.  You keep telling me you would arrange a visit.  How is it I don’t know who my father is and Cecelia is always talking to hers?  Tell me why?  I get nothing while her father is always sending stuff for her and meeting her to take her out.  It is just not fair.

Mother:  Oh Jeff (She reaches out to him again the same moment an exclamation is heard from Cecelia)

 Cecelia:  Oh my gosh.  You mean now!  That would be great daddy! Yes, I would ask mum…I’m dressed already.

She runs over to her mother

Cecelia:  Mum, dad wants to pass for me now.  He is in the neighborhood and wondered if I would like to go for ice cream.  Can I go, please   (pleeeeeez)?

Mother sighs just as a car horn is heard blaring and Jeff shouts out

Jeff:  I’m coming.

Mother:  Coming where?  Who is that? Where are you going?

Jeff:  Out, with my friends. People who care for me.

Mother:  You need a firm hand Jeff Taylor.

Jeff:  (quietly) You mean like a father maybe?  Well in case you didn’t realize, I don’t have one mother.  That’s what you told me, remember.  So I am my own man.

Mother:  As long as you live in my house you abide by my rules

Jeff:  (wryly) That’s  usually something a father would say…don’t you think?

He  turns and  storms out of the house the same moment Cecelia shoves the phone to her mother and says

Cecelia:  Daddy wants to speak to you.  Please say yes mother, I would die if you don’t

Mother:  (taking the phone)…Hi Sam…..ok…no it is not a problem…just have her back before 8:30.  She needs to get enough rest for school tomorrow.  I’m only letting her go because she already completed her homework…ok…bye

Cecelia: (throwing her arms impulsively around her mother says)  Thank you mum!  (She then leaves the room happy and singing)

After she leaves, Shannon pulls her thumb out of her mouth to ask

Shannon:  Mummy…

Mother:  (wearily) Yes babes…

Shannon:  (in a plaintive tone) Where is my daddy?

At that point the mother bursts into tears crying out.

Mother:  Oh God, my life is a mess.  How can I make it? I made these mistakes before I met you.  Now that I met you, please give me the strength and wisdom to deal with the consequences of my actions.

Shannon once again moves to her and holds on to her leg.

They freeze

Song:  His Strength is Perfect by CeCe Winans

 Action shifts to the business professionalow can I

 A well dressed woman is seen dressed for a date sitting waiting impatiently, looking at her watch.  Her doorbell rings.  She jumps up, straightens herself, puts on a nice face and a sultry walk and goes to the door, with a bright expectant look on her face.  A female voice is heard before we see the person walking into the room: 

Christine: Chantal, you have date? You are dressed up really nice  (lifts her face and smells the air)  And I smell a very expensive perfume too…? (accusing) Chantal are you in another relationship already?

Chantal:  What do you mean already?

Christine:  You just broke up with Frank.  And before that it was Larry…and…

Chantal: (raising her hand to silence Christine)  It is not as you make it out to appear.  I am just having a casual date with a guy from the office.  In case you hadn’t realized it Christine, I am single…and eligible, if I dare say so myself. (smugly)

Christine:  You said the same thing to me when you started seeing Frank, and Larry, and Henry and…

Chantal:  (cutting her off) Obviously you know too much of my business.  Christine I am 31.  My biological clock is running out.  I have a career, a house, finances…I just need a man to wrap the equation up.  I have needs you know.  God didn’t create me to live alone.  He put a need within me and I am satisfying it.

Christine:  But you don’t have to be desperate about it.  Be patient and let the Lord work things out for you.  All those men have just been after your money.  Frank was unemployed, Larry had two children from a previous relationship,  Henry was a player….

Chantal:  Conrad is different.

Christine:  Oh, so that is his name.  And how long have you been seeing him, because obviously you have been keeping this a secret from me and I am your best friend.

Chantal:  I knew you won’t approve.

Christine:  Well if you know I won’t approve then it is obvious you know that you shouldn’t be with him. You obviously have your own misgivings. So why are you dating him?  Probably another deadbeat man…?

Chantal:  Because…as I told you…I have needs Christine.  I am not you.  You seem content with your singleness.  You are obviously a gifted NUN.  I am not.  I need a man in my life to make my life complete.

Christine:  What utter rubbish.  God made us complete individuals.  A relationship is two complete people becoming one; not two parts of an equation making up a whole.

Chantal:  (sighing)  I am burning up.  I need attention.  Paul said it better to marry than to burn.

Christine:  So you will marry anything the cat drag in?  Your need is a spiritual one.  Fill that void first and everything else would settle into place.  None of these men are spiritual are they?  And don’t tell me they attend Church because that is not what I mean.  Church attendance is no guarantee of spirituality.

Chantal’s phone rings. She hastily flips it open and puts it to her ear. We hear Conrad’s voice.  Christine puts it on speaker and listens in on the conversation.  Chantal glares at her as Conrad’s voice envelops them

Conrad:  Hi Sweetheart

Chantal:  Conrad where are you?

Conrad:  I got a little tied up.

Chantal:  Tied up doing what?

Conrad:  If I tell you it would spoil the surprise.

Chantal blushes.  Christine looks annoyed  rolls her eyes and mouths a protest as Chantal purrs

Chantal: So would I see you soon?

Her features crumble as Conrad says

Conrad:  Not tonight baby but I will make up for that tomorrow night.  We would go somewhere really special.

Christine sucks her teeth.

Chantal: (in a silted tone)  But I am dressed and waiting Conrad; have been waiting for over 30 minutes.

Christine: (mouthing)  Hang up the phone.  Get rid of him.  He is fooling you.

Conrad:  I am so sorry babes but the matter was pretty urgent

A woman’s voice is heard in the background. Christine’s eyes widens.  Chantal’s own narrows

Woman’s voice:  Who’s that darling?

Chantal: (deadly soft and sarcastic)  Is that your mother in the background Conrad?

Conrad: (stuttering) Yes…She dropped in suddenly

Chantal:  (in a saccharine tone) From the grave Conrad?  Because last I heard from you she was dead.  You must tell her I said goodnight; and tell her she should stay with you because you are a perfect match; she dead and you dead beat.  In fact you should go spend time with her … in the grave… because you are nothing but a scum…lower than dust…don’t call me again you creep!!!.

Conrad: (pleading): Baby don’t go there…I can explain…’ 

She slams down the phone trembling uncontrollably with mixed emotions before breaking down and crying.  Christine comforts her and says softly

Christine:  You did the right thing Chantal.  Let me read Psalms 84:11 for you… “For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”  You have interpreted that ‘good thing’ to be male companionship so you keep running after it. Trust God Chantal and don’t run it down.  I have been trusting him and living a perfectly fulfilled and contented life as a single. A wrong choice would make you worse off than you think you are now. Wait patiently on Him.


Song:   Guard Your Heart (Steve Green)

Attention is now focused on the divorcee

A woman, Liz, sits going through documents Items are strewn all around her along with boxes. She gets up stretches and says  wryly

Liz:  It has to be done.  And there’s no time like the present.

She walks around the room that is full of pictures. Wedding Picture, newborn picture with parents, family picture with grown children, graduation pictures etc.  She takes a wedding picture from off the wall and looks at it.  As she does that the sound of the ‘bridal march’ is heard.  She slumps and sits as emotions consume her…

Voice is heard:  …Do you take this woman…to love and to cherish…till death do you part...  “I do”

Liz:  (quietly)We were supposed to be together till death Nathan.  How could something so right get all so wrong?

She puts the picture in a box and reaches on the wall for another picture.  It is a picture of a mother, father and newborn. She hugs it to her chest as memories and emotions  again consume her

Excited voice:…It’s a boy!........(sound of baby crying heard) …Congratulations honey…. Let’s call him Arlin.  For he is a continuation of our promise to each other

Liz drops the picture in the box as she says wryly

Liz:  But you broke that promise to me Nathan.  To me and the kids.  You left me for a younger woman.

She moves around packing away stuff and as she does so talks to herself…it is like a soliloquy..

Liz:  Twenty five years to pack away. 

         A box just wouldn’t do. 

        How can that be done in just a day

       When I’m still consumed by you?

      Not only have you left me

      But the children have grown up

     It’s their turn to change their course in life, but guess what

     You followed them out

     I knew one day that this full nest

     Would be empty of their cries

     But thought that when I looked around

    You would still  be at my side

    Instead I’m facing debts and fees

   Tuition and Mortgage to pay

    Didn’t you promise to stick with me

    Forever come what may?

She sighs before picking up the phone looking at it and saying

Liz:  And the children not even calling.  It is as though they have forgotten me too.  Everyone has forgotten me.  I am so lonely.  After having a full house of kids and a husband for twenty five years I am alone.  How will I ever survive? 

Voice heard:  And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mothermore than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me (and he that loveth husband more then me is not worthy of me) . (Matther 10: 36 – 38)  When my father and my mother (and my husband and my children)  forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.  (Psalm 27:10)

Liz:  Oh my God please give me the strength to go on with you by my side.


Song: (Packing up the pieces)  Friends are Friends forever by Michael W. Smith (Can see on UTube  if don’t know it)


Petra Pierre – Robertson © 2009 

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