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“No Guarantee, a novel by Petra Pierre-Robertson is fantastic so far....why don't you Have a copy?" Nelsia Loraine-Smith

"Pressure with this book...It is absolutely amazing. I know I’ll probably read it twice before (others) read it once." Eartha

“Lyrical… I gave up novel for poetry some time ago. (No Guarantee) actually has me rethinking that decision” Thomas Isaac. Retired School Principal, School Supervisor and University Lecturer

"I'm trying to do my Sunday chores by No Guarantee is standing in my way…You will hear from my huzzy when he ain't get…Loving your use of the English language thus far." Avril

“Fantastic, overwhelmingly fantastic. May God continue to bless your writing and thoughts. I love the book, I love the story line...... Now if only I can catch up on my house chores....Hehehe!! Lol…I having a hard time putting it down…Chores are fast becoming oblivious…I thought I'd lend my own to my girlfriend when I finish but I said to myself no way … I'll buy her one, can't risk losing my copy.” Kerrie Hernandez-James

I read you riveting novel losing two nights of rest mind you with all these memories from campus and club etc it was well done and I might add I saw some of my personal experiences there as well. So my challenge to you is to give us the real story about Phil Lacunza from his perspective.  I also see where it can be used as a launching pad in a book club to discuss real and pertinent issues. Looking for the other instalment author Pierre-Robertson  - Lisa Julien

Chester Hinds did not intend to buy the novel. He attended the launch. The author’s readings fanned his interest. He immediately began reading the novel. His feedback; “I am enjoying the book (it is) riveting…it is going very well and I am devouring chapters.  It is an excellent book and worth the read.”

"I just wanted to inform you that your book is a hit. The same night I got home my grandmother started reading it and she has not put it down since. She is hooked! No- one else has been able to put their hands on it lol...I hope your second book is coming out soon because she's anxious to get her hands on that one as well." Denysha

Giselle Lynette Joseph "Wish I had the time to read it right through. As a lover of romance novels all my favorite elements are there. Excellent reading so far. So I'm reading a chapter a day because life interrupts. Sigh!"

“Feels like am reading my diary” Diana Newsam


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Emerald/UWI Webinar

In His Own Words

The Georgian 1982-1983

Lost in the Hills By Petra Pierre-Robertson, Author of The Sixth Day, Second Chances, No Guarantee and The Uncontrollable flame

The Sixth Day By Petra Pierre-Robertson, Author of Second Chances, No Guarantee and The Uncontrollable flame

Second Chances By Petra Pierre-Robertson, Author of No Guarantee and The Uncontrollable flame

The Uncontrollable flame By Petra Pierre-Robertson, Author of No Guarantee